Pilot Private training

Get a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) at ECAS and fly with your friends and family as a hobby. No commercial transport is allowed with a PPL.

PPL : private pilot course (6 or 12 months)

During 12 months (6 months with the intensive PPL course), you will train to become a private pilot and get a Private Pilot Licence (PPL). You will go every Saturday morning or every Thursday evening to class, in the center of Brussels, to follow 81 hours of ground instruction. In parallel you will start your flight lesson from the very first day of school with a flight instructor out of Charleroi Airport.

Private lessons for ground course can be organised and scheduled at your convenience. Just ask !

  • Prices (VAT included)* :

      • PPL ground course (81h) : 708 EUR
      • Books : 87 EUR (FR) / 260 EUR (EN)
      • PPL flight training + exam (47h) : 7,320 EUR

    TOTAL : 8,115 EUR (FR) / 8,288 EUR (EN)

  • Extra costs (not included in our prices) :

    • Medical exam : 242 EUR (class 2) / 369 EUR (class 1)
    • Navigation equipment : 600 EUR (maps, headset, flight computer, plotter, protractor)
    • Theoretical PPL exam : 97 EUR
    • Pilot logbook : 35 EUR
    • Airport access badge : 24 EUR
    • English proficiency check : 145 EUR
    • Examiner in flight : 150 EUR
    • PPL issue fee : 180 EUR

The PPL licence gives the right to fly a single engine piston airplane (SEP) with passengers anywhere in the world, as a hobby. No commercial transport is allowed with a PPL, which means you cannot carry paying passenger nor paid cargo. If you wish to do so, you need to become a professional pilot and follow the ATPL course (Airline Transport Pilot Licence).

All the courses will be given in French, English or Dutch (a minimum of 8 students is required to form a class).

* Our prices are based on the minimum flight time required by EASA for pilot training. However student pilots usually need to fly slightly more in order to be ready for the exam and to develop the flying skills required to fly safe. This increases the effective cost of the pilot training by approximately 10% on average.

Interested ? Ask for more information !