ATPL Training

Get a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) with frozen ATPL, become a professional pilot and start to fly as a copilot, on a turboprop or a jet, for an airline.

ATPL : airline pilot course (16 months)

You can immediately join the ATPL course if you already own a PPL (Private Pilot Licence). Otherwise, if you have no previous experience as a private pilot, you will first need to follow the PPL course.

The ATPL course is made for professional pilots and airline pilots. You will go to class from Monday to Friday and from 09:00 to 17:00 during 10 months to follow 678 hours of ground course. In parallel you will already start to build flight time experience and accumulate 100 hours of PIC experience (Pilot In Command).

    • ATPL theory programme (678h):

      • Basics of math and physics
      • Airlaw and ATC procedure (Air Traffic Control)
      • Airframe and systems
      • Instruments and avionics
      • Powerplant
      • General navigation
      • Radio navigation
      • Flight planning
      • Flight performance
      • Meteorology
      • Human performance and limitations
      • Principles of flight
      • Operational procedures
      • Radio communication (VFR/IFR – Visual/Instrument Flight Rules)
      • Electricity
      • Mass and balance

After having successfully passed the 14 ATPL theoretical exams, you will complete your airline pilot training with a 6 months course with more than 60 hours in the simulator. You will also do night flights (Night Visual Flight Rules) in a Single Engine Piston airplane (SEP). You will follow a twin-engine airplane training (Multi-Engine rating) in a Multi-Engine Piston airplane (MEP), an IFR training (Instrument Flight Rules) to get an IR (Instrument Rating), a CPL course (Commercial Pilot Licence) and an MCC course (Multi-Crew Cooperation).

  • Prices (VAT included)* :

      • ATPL theory programme (678h) : 6,560 EUR
      • Books : 950 EUR
      • Flight time experience programme (100h) : 11,250 EUR
      • NVFR – Night qualification (5h theory, 2h sim, 5h SEP) : 1,295 EUR
      • ME – Multi-Engine rating (7h theory, 6h MEP) : 2,320 EUR
      • IR – Instrument Rating (15h theory, 40h sim, 15h MEP) : 11,135 EUR
      • CPL – Commercial Pilot Licence (10h SEP, 5h MEP) : 5,190 EUR
      • MCC – Multi-Crew Cooperation (25h theory, 20h sim B737) : 3,950 EUR

    TOTAL : 42,650 EUR

  • Extra costs (not included in our prices) :

    • ATPL theory exam : 404 EUR
    • Examiner in flight : 250 EUR
    • Night qualification issue fee : 97 EUR
    • CPL issue fee : 507 EUR
    • Landing fees outside Charleroi Airport : a few dozens of euro depending on which airports you fly to
    • Interview training : airline pilot assessment course

After having completed the full airline pilot course at ECAS, you will get a CPL licence with SEP and ME/IR, frozen ATPL and MCC. With this licence you can apply to any airline in the world that accept European pilot licences (mainly Europe, Africa and Asia).

You can follow the full ab initio airline pilot course at your own pace. If you have enough time and money you will be able to complete the ATPL course in 16 months. If you are very busy with your job you can take your time and complete it in 3 years for instance.

All the courses will be given in French, English or Dutch (a minimum of 8 students is required to form a class).

* Our prices are based on the minimum flight time required by EASA for pilot training. However student pilots usually need to fly slightly more in order to be ready for the exam and to develop the flying skills asked by airlines. This increases the effective cost of the airline pilot training by approximately 10% on average.