Entry Requirements

At ECAS, we do not give up before we are sure your pilot career has started. We help you until you find your first pilot job. You do not know how to write a CV, a cover letter, or how to prepare for an interview ? Just ask !

Minimum / maximum age

  • 16 years old : minimum age to start the private pilot course (PPL).
  • 17 years old : minimum age to start the airline pilot course (ATPL).
  • 65 years old : maximum age to fly for an airline doing commercial transport of goods (cargo) or passengers.
  • Unlimited : there is no limit of age for private flights.

Medical examination

  • Aero-Medical Center :
    • The first thing to do before you can apply for a pilot course is to visit an Aero-Medical Center. Ask for an initial class 1 examination if you want to work as a professional pilot or fly for an airline as an airline pilot. Ask for an initial class 2 examination if you want to fly as a hobby.
  • Wearing glasses :
    • Do not worry if you wear glasses, it is allowed as long as you can see normally while wearing them.
  • Colour blindness :
    • You can even have a slight degree of colour blindness. This means that if you fail the Ishihara test, you will be asked to recognise the colours used in aviation. For this purpose, the Aero-Medical Center will use the Holmes or Beyne lantern to show you different light colours : white, blue, red, green and amber. The test will be considered as passed as long as you can recognise each colour without hesitation. If you cannot recognise them, you will be granted a class 2 medical certificate which gives the right to get a PPL (Private Pilot Licence) and fly only during day time.

Diploma of secondary education

  • Private pilot course (PPL) : no diploma required.
  • Airline pilot course (ATPL) : you do not need to be an engineer to become a professional pilot. Basic knowledge of math, algebra and physics is enough. However you will need a diploma from general or technical secondary education or equivalent (enseignement secondaire général ou technique / algemeen of technisch secundair onderwijs).

You already own a PPL ? Then you can immediately join the ATPLcourse! Ask for more information.